Marmite: Shower Gel

That may be too far, but how about this?
Marmite Cereal Bar

Advertising Agency: DDB London, UK
Creative Directors: Jeremy Craigen, Feargal Ballance, Grant Parker
Art Director: Victor Monclus
Copywriter: Will Lowe
Photographer: Sarah Maingot
Designer: Peter Mould
Published: March 2010


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J Designer
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ew, that would smell grose.

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Roger Keynes
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Oh, I get it.
If we can't seriously convince people to eat this shite...suggest they try it for a laugh.
Great to see a brave strategy.
Greater to see a brave client!

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

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now i know what a bad ad looks like

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Alexandre Brito
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michdec's picture
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I beg to disagree, nothing bad lookin' there as far as I'm concerned! :)

hufflepoff's picture
430 pencils

copy? lets just assume the fuck outa this one

deep dave's picture
deep dave
22 pencils

Are they taking a stab at old shampoo ads, Fabric softeners, that you either love or hate them...?

deep dave's picture
deep dave
22 pencils

Are they taking a stab at old shampoo ads, Fabric softeners, that you either love or hate them...?

Davosk's picture
4815 pencils

They're making a big deal with the Unilever logo. I can't believe it's just a case of parody to communicate their company awarness. I expect more from the UK.

thedesignaddict's picture
5411 pencils

Without the a written rationale, this campaign is utterly incomprehensible.

Rabubi's picture
560 pencils

This made my eyes bleed.

Phil Lestino's picture
Phil Lestino
1686 pencils

You either love or hate Marmite.............These ads however you can only hate! And this is definitly the most hatefull of the three.

hermotsura's picture
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something's wrong with his face - it looks like they pasted it from a different person.... his body is wet, yet the face is perfectly dry, but the hair is wet too... how does that happen?

that's a brave campaign, yet... not my thing, i guess.

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ok stuff. good photography.

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ok ! so the previous posted ads were teasers ! Now we're getting somewhere ! But I don't think that the negative vibe generated by the teasers are beneficial to the product. There is a humorous note which is lacking and which could have created generated some emotion.

felice's picture
73 pencils

??? i don't completely get it.

Guest's picture

Don't like it but you ALL noticed it and know what the product is. Great work!!

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