Marmite: Perfume

That may be too far, but how about this?
Marmite Cereal Bar

Advertising Agency: DDB London, UK
Creative Directors: Jeremy Craigen, Feargal Ballance, Grant Parker
Art Director: Victor Monclus
Copywriter: Will Lowe
Photographer: Sarah Maingot
Designer: Peter Mould
Published: March 2010


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Dev Kumar
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I don't expect a response when I have nothing to say.

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Phil Lestino
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You either love or hate Marmite.............These ads however you can only hate!

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For some reason, i like this campaign. Don´t ask me why.

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So we won't...

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laughable. Moving on.

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could have been better

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I love marmite, I hate these ads. They might even put me off from buying the product !

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Description: "stock photograpy with an unilever logo on top-left"


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C'mon people this adverts are for an specific target

You love marmite: It's for you
You Hate marmite: It's not For you
You don't know what is marmite: Stop making stupid comments and find out. ah and it's not for you either.

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Dev Kumar. If you have nothing to say then dont say anything. You are a nincompoop.

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Ivan why again you have allowed Guests


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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actually according to me just forget about( Marmite Cereal Bar ) but keep in mind only luxury and target the upper class customer then we can say it good!

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advertising ninja
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ahahahah really funny.

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