Marmite: Fabric Softener

That may be too far, but how about this?
Marmite Cereal Bar

Advertising Agency: DDB London, UK
Creative Directors: Jeremy Craigen, Feargal Ballance, Grant Parker
Art Director: Victor Monclus
Copywriter: Will Lowe
Photographer: Sarah Maingot
Designer: Peter Mould
Published: March 2010


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ek kanya
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am an advertising junkie | read my flog at

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Roger Keynes
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Don't simply hate it.
Think about it.

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

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Is there some deeper meaning that I'm missing? I just don't see a shred of creativity here.

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concept is ok, but could be so much better developed

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Phil Lestino
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You either love or hate Marmite.............These ads however you can only hate!

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Phil Lestino
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You either love or hate Marmite.............These ads however you can only hate!

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What is this ad saying...

i don't consider myself a stupid person, but more than that, I work on Unilever and I'm just not getting it...

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what's with the 90s vibe in those three?

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maybe the smell of the product is poisoned and the kid vanished on the towels...

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could hv been better

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The Brainchild Group
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It's just too simple for me. I don't get it. Needs at least one line of copy.

Aaron Schoenberger
Advertising executive from Los Angeles, California
The Brainchild Group - Los Angeles Advertising Agency

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There's no idea. sorry

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Ok, someone please explain !!

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C'mon people this adverts are for an specific target

You love marmite: It's for you
You Hate marmite: It's not For you
You don't know what is marmite: Stop making stupid comments and find out. ah and it's not for you either.

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Some of the commenters should know a bit about Marmite and the 'love it/hate it' idea before being dismissive of this work. I like it -even among those who like it - there is a feeling that the taste is different'. A tongue in cheek look at what if it were to be taken to perfumes (as a teaser) followed by the introduction of a cereal bar makes sense.

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Well I like it!

I drove past the advert the other day (it was plastered on a bus stop). I thought I was seeing things... I was sure I saw a Marmite scented fabric conditioner. I kept my eyes peeled for the next bus stop so I could check what I thought i'd saw. Ahhh now I get it.

It made me think of Marmite. I fancied some Marmite on toast. Think the ad worked, however I am a lover of the black stuff.

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Good lord. You call yourselves Imaginears? What do you mean "I don't get it" Whats to get? it gets the product noticed!!!!

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