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weeee! Another wonderbra ad!

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Will people in UAE & Arab countries get this ad straight away? Will they realise that there's a bigger black mark than there would normall be, and then realise it must be itself part of the ad? Or will it simply look like a regualr Wonderbra ad that got censored?

My father works for Playtex, who make Wonderbra. From a young age I've been critiquing their ads in my head.

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Read this if you want to know more about restrictions in the middle east and to see an example of how the markers are used:

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Ok guys, and this is only my opinion, we need to step back. The point of this site isn't to debate the merits of market/region choice. It's to show off creative work. While I like the ad well enough and I think it communicates with only the understanding of whom the logo represents, it's not the best on this site. But I think it merits being here creatively.

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Geez, i see that some of you arent familiar with Dubai or the UAE.

It's a country filled with crazy rich consumers from all of the world...not just arab people.
So while the government uses a black marker, the general population wears skimpy clothing while getting wasted drunk at premier night clubs.

I'm sure the people of the UAE will understand the ad instantly....and buy a lot lingerie.

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I agree. It's like an inside joke. And, it's a really good one.

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Truly, the beauty of the art is in the eye of the beholder.

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