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Vega Olmos Ponce debe ser la agencia, tienen Unilever internacional.

La mentira bien escrita suele ser corajuda.

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vous etes surs que cette pub est passé a dubai??
je les croyais trop strict en ce qui concerne la nudité et les femme dans les pub

are you sure this add was published in dubai???
i thought they were too stric towards nudity and women in advertising
new, young & hungry

ivan's picture

I'm pretty sure it wasn't.

FAHAD's picture
Activity Score 85

I haven't see them, but for sure it's been finalized for some other region

dehog's picture
Activity Score 14

it's the location of the advertising agency, not where these were rolled out !

Demonic's picture
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They were released in Lebanon although they'll also be in other markets very soon. As they have to work in different countries with stricter laws, we also shot 'safe' versions, with closed shirts.

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Idea machine
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Ok help me here, why does she want to get dirty is it to be washed with Axe which is a male shower gel or is it a play on words of being dirty in the bedroom aswell???

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maybe she drew the glasses and the stache on her face in order to look so incredibly unsexy that her lover will allow her to use his axe shower gel (which he usually doesn't share with anybody else)
no clue, really

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WOw I love this campaign. they should've put some phone nos ;)

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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Activity Score 4899

there's a step or two missing in the logic.

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Activity Score 612

El Concepto "Cualquier excusa...blah, blah", es una manera re usada para acomodar cualquier idea.

La dirección de arte: DEPUTAMADRE!

"Aquí también se opina en español y em português".

"no silencies lo que no sabes expresar".

kandi's picture
Activity Score 204

any excuse to shoot sexy women in sexy poses, i wud say.

Chris's picture
Activity Score 1985

those dubai birds are well fit

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Activity Score 273

Axe is introducing another variant - toothpaste. The line for that goes 'More than a mouthful'. In that campaign, women draw things all over their boobies etc. After that they'll probably come out with a briefs...

no-ideas-original's picture
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I think this might have worked better had there been two girls, covered in mud... possibly wrestling?

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Activity Score 24

Vega Olmos Ponce debe ser la agencia, tienen Unilever internacional.

La mentira bien escrita suele ser corajuda.

remore's picture
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any ads, wait let me correct myself. anyTHING with hot sexy chicks is a winner in my book. Sorry i'm sucker when it comes to the concept "sex sells"


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im thinking a houndred examples better than they use here, i think its cultural issues but, a moustache girl its not sexy, a bird pooped girl its grose.
I dont know, sex is different in argentina. Up to i know.

Bad English, i know...

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