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boring sector, boring ads

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i am moved to turn the page. i would never read copy layed out like this, it's all wasted.

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Radoslav Minchev
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Fuck the copy, fuck the art direction... What a concept :)))
not freedom like a shopping card

It's my job to keep punk rock elite

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chintan ruparel
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guys..whats wrong wil you'll!!!

these are a rage back home to the target audience...n they're corporate ads for gods sake!
the copy makes super sense n it's hardcore selling with a dash of wit...
c'mon, u've gotta giv it to them...

gr8 job Bates, Mumbai..

evn if d world's being cynical, ther r lots i know who've loved these, keep going..
ppl here r just too spoilt with all-visual-no-word ads which r plain witty n nothing else.

sorry guys, bt advertising isnt only bout selling hot sauce or diet coke, n im saying dis wid a lotta balls.

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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despite the raging passion you are exhibiting, i'm still not moved to read the copy the way it's laid out. it has nothing to do with hot sauce ads or diet coke. it has to do with the way the copy is laid out, it is not an easy read, and i really don't think it's an effective way of displaying copy.

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This ad looks too boring to read. I wouldn't stop in a newspaper or magazine, so I'm not gonna bother right now...

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It just contained too many words which will turn most people off in the first place.

hang-the-dj's picture
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Too many words, some kind of math equation and a layout that looks like it belongs on a lecture hall whiteboard.

Sorry to be so negative but there is just so much not to like.

If you're going to do long copy you need sharp, witty writing and interesting visuals. This has neither.

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u'll see these in a usual old layout corporate brochures..zzzzzzzz

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Somewhere, Neil French is smiling.

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You think he will like this copy?
I thought he resided in Singapore.

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me thinks
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Well done copywriters.

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I know most of you fell asleep reading the ads. but then these ads were not made for you. they were made for a specific target audience and worked wonders with them.
if you want to judge ads do judge them by understanding what the brief must have
been.for example the kaminomot campaign by neil french was disliked by me
but worked in its target audience and won loads of awards. so stop commenting just
for the heck of it.

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how are we supposed to know if you will agree with our comments or not? i can't read your mind i'm afraid, and i'm used to free speech. this is going to be hard.

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