Mapfre: Robot

Insure your car for things that do happen.
The only insurance that covers mechanical breakdowns and flat tires is Auto Total Mapfre.

Advertising Agency: Quimica Publicidad, San José, Costa Rica
Creative Director: Andrés Artavia
Art Director: Christian Cedeño
Copywriters: Erick García, Victor Rosas
Illustrator: Esteban Marchena
Additional credits: Vinicio Rodríguez, Bryan Hidalgo, Daniela Barrantes

August 2016


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But what if a giant robot squashed my car, would I be insured then? Or only insured for things that normally happen?'s picture
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I disagree. This one is telling us we should buy insurance for our gaint auto-bot, because some day it may crash something. haha, just kidding

Life itself doesn't have meaning, which should be created by ourselves.

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Idea is interesting but poor art direction and wrong photoshop. The car illustration is far from integrated in the picture.
About the picture, I'm confused. If the idea is to make the point that this would never happen in San Jose Costa Rica, why does that city look like New York?

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