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ha ha. Good one. Absolutely spot on and lovely artwork.

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Simply delicious.

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Great, but the copy line seems clumsy. Then again, that could just be my dislike of similar terms clashing when used close together. Bikes and Bikers. Could have said Riders instead.

When an ad is good you gotta get picky!

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Riders would be more strongly linked to motorcyclists. I'd just say 'city folks' though.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Jet Propulsion Lab
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...and some people walking their dogs?
But that would be hard to read especially when you're looking straight down.
And I agree with the above comment about placing similar words next to each other.
I like this one, though.

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Hey, let´s copy the ad from huggies! :) They diddn´t managed to make the same visual better than a diaper ad ...

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Like the idea but the visual is basic.
Copy could be some thing like:
Mountain Bikes for Urban People
For downtown Mountain Bikers

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Prety funny :D

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This site is slipping.
Why does everyon post adorations all the time?

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Is that the sign? I should start posting silly ads than. ;)

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