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Jarne von Wolfsburg
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this are really strange borders. and a even stranger layout. What´s the color called... salmon?

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Hee hee! Salmon 180, 250, 105...

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I don't really get this, to me it says 'driving this car will make places seem further away'.

If computers could have ideas I think they'd be like this.

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daniel ieraci
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I REALLY HATE being critical, but I just feel compelled to add my two cents/euro cents/pence et al.

Perhaps if they had connected all of the countries of the world together (i.e. to make one giant continent)it might have helped convey the message better, but I'm fairly certain that car can't drive through oceans...or can it? I do understand that the layout is meant to come across as a kind of 'do-it-yourself/make-your-own-continent' idea, but as a static print piece it just doesn't work for me (maybe if it was an actual free-form puzzle that people could play with to make 'their own borders'...).

Ok, rant over.

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sorry not working at all..

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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You shouldn't hate to be critical. You're right.

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Juan Carlos Jav...
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No de nuevo!!! No el mapa de nuevo no!!!

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No de nuevo decía!!!

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I dont get to see the product... Is that a boat???

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Botar todos os países separados foi estupidez. Você deveria apenas montar continentes com países diferentes.

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And guys, this is a fake ad.

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no creo que vw haya aceptado esto, debe ser un trucho, ¿el auto navegante?


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again: this agency doesn't exist, period. It's fake.
Besides that, why on earth would someone separate the countries or whatever if he has a CAR????
That would be precisely the contrary maybe: put them TOGETHER.
Unless it was an ad for a boat, as Ag says.

the art direction is so bad, my god. I don`t care if it's fake or not, but please entertain us when you post something here... make us LOVE our jobs... etc etc...

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