Mango Airlines: Solitaire

What is your PA doing, if she isn't saving you time and money with this great offer?

The brief was to get decision-makers in businesses and also the people involved in booking flights to book Mango Flex flights for a specific period early in the year at a specific price. It was your basic retail campaign, or was it? The old stereotype of a PA sitting at her desk, playing solitaire or looking at another e-mail of cutesy dogs, is actually a stereotype because it's true of a lot of these assistants. They know it, their bosses know it and we decided to use it.

Advertising Agency: DDB Johannesburg South Africa
Creative Director: Gareth Lessing
Art Director: Andre Vrdoljak
Copywriter: Claudi Potter
Account Manager: Dino Van Der Merwe

December 2009


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ahaha funny

=== Looking for concept/art creative to form a team to work in independent advertising projects. ===

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Good work

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nice work

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I like. this is so direct that any CEO will get the message

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