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June 2009

Print advertisment created by Creative Juice, Malaysia for Mandarin Oriental, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.

The Pacifica. Indescribable Seafood.

Advertising Agency: Creative Juice\Sil, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Creative Director: Sa'ad Hussein
Art Director: Douglas Goh
Copywriter: Joshua Lim
Typographers: Douglas Goh, Nadzrin Hakim
Photographer: Boon Fai, Character Studios

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Simply seafood.Nice plate art

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am i missing something here (like any kind of idea whatsoever)?

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yeah... thats what I thought too but when I zoomed in I got it.

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So what you understand from the ad? Can you explain? I don't get it even though I am from the country.

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I don't want to eat 'indescribable' seafood. Fortunately the shot isn't indescribable. It shows some delicious looking shellfish. They should get some custom from that. The plate-pattern-type-soup-whatever thing adds nothing except a big 'huh'.

Idea = 0 / 10
'indescribable' line = 0 / 10
Food shot = 8+ / 10

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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My biggest gripe is the obvious contradiction in its message.
The headline tells us the food is "indescribable", yet upon closer examination, you see so many adjectives on the plate (such as sweet, rich, creamy, smooth, flavorful and zesty) "describing" exactly how the food tastes.

Superb art direction. I'd just finesse the line to better fit the image, and it'd be a decent ad.

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hmm you are right... but it did say seafood... I think what they are trying to say is just the seafood not being able to be described... does that make sense? 8-S

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i liked the typography