Manchester United Soccer Schools: History

History. You don't always need to read a book to learn from it.
If only all schools were like this. Here the classes are exciting, challenging and fun. New friends are made and new life skills developed. And the latest football techniques are always on the curriculum.

Advertising Agency: Poulters, Leeds, UK
Creative Director: David Bell
Art Director / Illustrator: Ben Bateson
Copywriter: James North


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4601 pencils

if this is from england, why do they call it soccer? shouldn't it be football? regardless, you should be able to do something much better with such an inherently interesting product.

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harrison bruce
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I got a touch of vertigo reading this ad.

simon.gross's picture
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Are you saying it made you feel dizzy, or does it just remind you of this

Because I agree with both..

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The amount of white space on that is unnerving

harrison bruce's picture
harrison bruce
112 pencils

Ha Ha Simon. I never saw the movie poster but yes it now reminds me of that as well.

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