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andrej dwin
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the art direction on the skeleton could be better.
else, seems like a nice idea, but what are "inverters".

*the best skate/snow/surfing videos and pictures.
*updated daily!

AdArena: Sex Sells

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dew drops
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invertors are use to generate electricity in case of power faliure

nice idea by the way

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Thai guys had done the same idea before,
a tvc for some light.

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nice thought.. totally screwed on the execution.
or is it a rough execution uploaded. anyways.. lots of work needed.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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Art still to improve

Saidu Karinga
The Idiot

Saidu Karinga
The Idiot


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Art still to improve a lot.

Saidu Karinga
The Idiot

Saidu Karinga
The Idiot


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"Makes you forget how to fear the dark" is one thing that th line's sayg...
but th visual is suggesting me tht th person has made "Death" his slave.

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me thinks
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Seen the same idea on AOTW few weeks months back..

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This is bad.... it looks like a mock up

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A really bad campaign, poor in art direction, copywriting, and concept.

Back to the drawing board if you ask me.

We're going to need more lube.

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not much to see here. Art direction is a bit lame and I'm really not sure what they are trying to tell me. If the skeleton on the pic should mean "dark", than it's quite lame because it suggests it is "The Death" and that is completely another story...or is there something I'm missing?

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So let me get this right... inverters are nothing to do with midgets with broken legs sat on overly large sofa's with death floating above them?

The chop here is absolutely awful. I know children who can do better with Photoshop.

Just look at the legs of the sofa!!! Two types of leg, shadows missing, arrrgggggh, WAKE UP AND SACK THE ARTWORKER!!!!

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Ah well noooooo this is not midget, in india people are midget size. This is my best work so plees don't tell anyone that its bad. My son on the couch enjoyed having a job for one half a day and having one day off at elephant school. He broke his leg while picking his nose. So he had to wear giant shoe. Over here, lots of people broke legs picking nose and vice versa in last year, so we invented floating couches and floating giant death who can tear us apart quickly!
Now plees excuse me and my broken son, we drink a glass of poisoned whine to you and your healthcare.
Thank you, kumargain!

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Disco Munky
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Doin' it for the points

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makes you wonder what kind of selection process goes through this blog... sorry, but this campaign sucks...

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Alessandro Boggiano
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Hey Ivan,

that's a good ad for You?

: )))

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come onnnnn.....did u guys just learning Photoshop??!!!..even my old grandma can do it better...hate it so much!!!

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