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making little things show up- lovely

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creative and simple. nice.

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Who needs an Illustrator, Photographer (the pencil?? :))) haha, my daughter could have done it) and three Creative Directors for this campaign?
Nice concept anyway.

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Ha, ha... that's funny Axxi.

Love the ads...

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Lovely lovely idea. My personal fave being 'constellation'. If one might suggest some more 'Goudisms'. The word 'multitude' with the 'i' highlighted, or perhaps 'swarm' with the 'a' highlighted or even 'congregation' with 'greg' highlighted. What a sweet, lateral and infinitely extendible idea.

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i really like the idea of using the pen to highlight words within words. i think it's a winner.
my only problem with it is, i would have worked harder on choosing better words.
this kind of leaves me with the feeling of 'so what'...

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Brilliant. Definately a winner.

• But I agree with Axxi, why an illustrator?
• So we got the local CD, the branch CD and national CD. But I don't see the name of Craig Davis in the credits. He is the WW CD for JWT :) My hunch is the idea ONLY came from Art Director/Copywriter/CD: CH. Shyamsunder Goud.


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the illustrator highlighted the "moth" in mammoth.

i love these

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I dont get it!!

I mean...sure you can find the "moth" in mammoth but.... so what? why is this highliter any better that others? highlighting?

I don't even find the realtion between the moth and the mammoth.... would have a little bit more sense that way.

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great campaign... simple and beautiful. It doesn't need more.

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Very nice. Makes me want to highlight things!

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