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Guest commenter

love it!!!

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really good!

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the clock looks like it's straight from an office supply store. is it supposed to be in a bedroom?

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a very nice idea~ :)

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If this haven't been done before its for sure an award winner

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Insight is strong, visual is strong, so is coffee;-)

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Nice one.. Congratulations to those 4 art directors and 2 copywriters. Heheheheh...

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Guest commenter

wake up when i wake up? huh? i dont get it at all. how are we suppose to know this is for coffee? it took that many people to come up with this ad? surely 4 art directors could have found a better font for the headline as well...

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Javier Ramírez
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Aunque el reloj me parece muy de stock, frío, ajeno y sin sabor.


Chief Creative Director Nexus BBDO

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Guest commenter

it's just a creative show case here. But nice to hear some amateur/outsiders' comments. sometimes these people really wake us up.

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good job gurkan ;)

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Guest commenter

çok zekice. aklınıza sağlık.

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Wake up at a quarter past eleven?! I'm lost....

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yo great. keep it up guys.

kewl ad

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Guest commenter

I think just one of the genius guy found this cretive idea. The others r just names. But I really like the idea!

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tebrik ederim

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i had coffe (a good and strong coffe), slept late and woke up at quater past eleven, but cos of my positioning on the bed, the wall-clock looked like it's 8sharp. i woke up when i did.

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I wish you didn't tell the background story from a night before, because it sounds such a long shot. Actually, I think the add is more 'in the moment', than referencing or infering a story.

The reason I think the caption works is because I find this very close to my usual personal experience. Somehow I get up at 7:30 rush out to work, no breakfast, and maybe no coffee, go directly into a meeting till 11:15 when I can finally have a breather and some coffee at the office. And even though I have been awake and working for hours, that is when I really "wake up".

The adds works even without my version of the preceding events.

Whatever way you put it, THIS is when I am awake, because THIS is when I have my coffee.
(I loved the way you positioned the clock. The message is clear: "Whatever way you put it, the time is what it is.")

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