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Not bad.
You have to be a good drinker to do such an ad.

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D artist

Not bad....
Won Cannes for the campaign....NOT BAD!!!!

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Have Heart
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Really, really good!

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So cool!

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Not Florence Ni...

Very, very nice creatively.

However, has anyone ever seen an ambulance service run a double-truck ad?

Without a phone number or website?

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Vikram Dhembare
- Visualiser

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lil Confusing.

Still it is good

Vikram Dhembare
- Visualiser

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Juan Pablo De Gamboa
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Well done, but done a million times. Gondry has a video like this, then there are somo other ads I've seen that use the word colash to build new words. Cool look.

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correct! to be honest... I have no idea how this could get a lion.
It's nearly like these kidnapping-letters... put together from different labels.
I think it's nice work, but not good enough for a lion... that's my opinion.

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johnny walker

I am seeing double. Not because I'm drunk. Because it's been done before! Sorry guys no matter how cool the idea looks if it's done, it pisses me off!

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Ben Requena

Here's the accompanying interactive ad:


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Jet Propulsion Lab
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That was a nice web banner. I liked it a lot.

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I like it.

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i like

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I like it too. Doesn't matter to me if its been done before. There is always room to reinvent. As long as its not Madonna. Someone needs to take her flabby behind to the old folks home.

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Billy Hill

Just wondering, why is it in English?

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Must agree with lorem. Had to look twice at credits as thought it was a student piece. Nice use of label collage and get the whole fracture concept but is it really powerful enough to stop anyone getting behind the wheel. "Dont drink and drive?", how 1975 is that.

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Served its purpose - you read it.

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