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Listen up kids - here's how to create a campaign. If you screw basic grammar in one ad, mess it up in every ad.

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True. I guess it was translated for this site. There's just one think I can't decide - which is worse, the art or the copy?

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You think they translated it in that font for this site? That would be surprising.

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La dirección de arte no dice nada, pero esta piola para acompañar. (Supongo que el verde es por toda la onda "natural" que viene ahora con el agua; capaz podría haber sido algo mas femenino)

Y los textos zafan, pero creo que en ésta les faltó la "s" en "make".
Art direction says nothing, but its ok to have a backround. (I guess green is for that "natural" feeling that comes with water drinking; maybe it could have worked better something more feminine)

Copys are ok, but in this one I think you missed the "s" in "make".

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No brand connection particurarly with colour and font usage, patronising to target, clumsy copy.
Would make nice Ads for BP though.

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BP petroleum?

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ok on simplicity but the green would be more impartful if not too loud, but hey, it grabs attention n as regards the copy's so called blunder, for me english is subjectvie for crative professionals.