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well written copy.
well designed as per the line. tone of the ad is really inviting.
nice campaign alltgthr.

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excellent copy. good campaign

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Guest commenter

wtf?? u neednt read us to understand us? then how do you expect to be understood? its a newspaper isnt it?? mallu ad with mallu english... please get your ads proof read, all of them!

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completely agreed.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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Let's pin a parchment paper on a wooden board and paste some dead-pan mugshots. No one will understand the logic of art direction. 'Or the lack of it'.

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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Hey Tant don't bitch about what you can't!

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tymerri vinay

Poignant copy.Strikes the right cords. Visuals well balanced and supportive of copy, without vying for attention. Class in simplicity.KUDOS

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Guest commenter

Very nice. Really enjoyed it.

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Guest commenter

If this is from south asia then this is not good. partiality?

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Nice campaign

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