Maison de la France: Goya-David

Buy your pass to all museums at Spain and France closer.

Each artwork is a collage of two paintings. One by a Spanish painter, the other by a French master. This demonstrates how buying museum tickets over the web through Maison de la France brings the two countries closer.

Agency: Rapp Collins Zebra, Spain
Creative Directors: Gustavo Montoro, Jose Sánchez- Colomer
Copywriter: Carolina Cardona
Art Director: Jaime Sánchez
Other: Artefacto Visual


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French painter and painting: Jacques-Louis David /
Spanish painter and painting: Goya /

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Works better if you have two distinctively different styles. Not obvious enough, show this to an american he will scratch his head.

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A big percentage of Europeans will recognize these paintings I think. Not the majority, but many.

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Sandis Grantins
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Dude, you really made me laugh out loud!! :)) Show almost anything to an average American - he will still schrach his head!!! :)))
I actually think that most of Americans in Paris never go anywhere else besides their hotel, Eiffel Tower and McDonalds...
Peace! :)

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dunno about that one guys...get over your egos.

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No reason to insult Americans. I don't even get this kind of attitude. How rude.

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Don't think these ads were made for Americans somehow. ;)

Anyone who has an interest in visiting art museums will see the difference quite quickly. That's what makes the mashup so interesting.

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Stereotypes are so dull.

I don't think any of my English colleagues would recognise any of those.

So let's not generalise.

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well...if your colleagues had been awake during their art history classes im sure they would have recognized what was going on in these spots.

i cant stand how some europeans think they're so much better than every foreigner they come across. arrogant igorance is so ugly.

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I am a European, and I completely agree with you. We (they) have this very arrogant sense of superiority which is absolutely pathetic and I can't stand it.


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no need for an apology. your abviously not one of the assholes i ran into when i visited france, etc. cheers.

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