Mail & Guardian Online: Idols

Advertising Agency: Volcano, Johannesburg, South Africa
Creative Directors: Francois Boshoff
Art Directors: Francois Boshoff
Copywriters: Tasha Hodgson, Jayde O'Brien
Photographers: Francois Boshoff
Published: March 2009


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just write
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Must be locally relevant I guess.

I am dissapointed. Thought the first one of the series was realy promising but from there it all went down hill.

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I am from SA so I can explain. There was a controversy about the winner of this year's Idols competition. There was a big mix up with SMS votes so they declared two winners instead of one.

I think these are quite interesting, but I cannot help wondering why there is no URL? If you are advertising the online magazine, then why not add in a web address? You could build it into the logo - I've done it dozens of times and it looks quite lovely, I assure you. :)

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ok, i think i get it, when he is on the other side he's now a winner


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This is a great idea just let down by bad execution. It would also make a good tri-board.

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This man is creeping me out!

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Wouldda been better as an actual ambient piece that changes in real time.

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