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hi, krishna
atul here.It's great. do you know what's the problem with the visual is ?
people don't know about 'The Great Kalidasa' and why u associated clouds
with the festival theme. Unless it is clear, it is is not going to communicate
the visual and the theme. Even India audiance is hardly know about The Kalidasa and his work.

I would like to describ a bit about Kalidas in short.

"Kalidasa (AD ?350-600?) the greatest of the sanskrit dramatists, and the first great name in Sanskrit literature. He wrote many epics in sanskrit. One of them is Meghaduuta (Cloud Messenger): the theme of this long lyrical poem is a message sent by an exiled yaksha in Central India to his wife in the Himalayas, his envoy being a megha or cloud. Its
beautiful descriptions of nature and the delicate expressions of love in which passion is purified and desire ennobled, likewise won the admiration of Goethe,German poet and novelist and dramatist who lived in Weimar (1749-1832)."

Concept is damn good but visual is not upto the mark i would say. visual rendering is very poor.

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Ok, now it makes perfect sense. Thanks for sharing. I guess the target will know all about this.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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loved the execution... simply brilliant.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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I've seen that somewhere :)))

Question I Answer

It's my job to keep punk rock elite

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If atul's story describes what this ad is really about, I'd like to salute the team for creating something inspired by an intelligent, culturally-important writer. Makes a nice change from the usual pop culture dross this industry wallows in.

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