August 2010
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MagLite, Powerful

Advertising Agency: DraftfcbB, Caracas, Venezuela
Chief Creative: Carlos Rusconi
Creative Director: Macoco Moreira
Art Director: Daniel "Caiman" Méndez
Copywriter: Macoco Moreira
Photographer: Harold Gonzalez

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Noone said a flashlight ad must show just flashlights, there have been other creative flashlight ads I liked and didn't find forced - for example those based on the concept it highlights things you are looking for - light spot forming a hand grabbing a key or surrounding objects "burned out" or those ads showing objects in the flat as dangerous because you won't see them in the dark - no flashlight was shown there!! ... You really can't say I am against creativity, I am just against lazy creativity with half-baked/half-working ideas when the faulty logic tickles many people's brain and find it disturbing somehow and that weakens the effect of any ad. And these flaws not only bothers ad-men, even many costumers I can tell you.