May 2009

Print advertisment created by Grey, Argentina for Magistral, within the category: House, Garden.

Beautifully clean glasses. Magistral Dishwasher

Advertising Agency: Grey, Argentina
Executive Creative Directors: Pablo Gil, Sebastian Garin
Creative Directors: Diego Rubio, Coco Olivera
Copywriter: Federico Ientilezza
Art Director: Federico Fernández
Photographer: John Parker
Retauchers: Clive Biley, Pablo Romanos

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good idea, poor execution

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Activity Score 108

I agree. Great idea, mediocre follow through. Regardless of this ad's success or failure, There is a trend that has got to stop! There are 3 products: V8 Veggie Cocktail, Magistral Dishwasher Liquid and Talcid, all of which place a tiny bottle, can or otherwise actual product in the lower right corner of the ad, and it is bleeding off of the page! As I am all for great ads with minimal copy or product and a great narrative photograph, I think that some of these ads get lost. Meaning that people need to be able to recognize the product and brand easily, and distinguish it from the rest. I know that the ad world is filled with trends, copycats and cliches, however, this has become it's own joke in a little amount of time. An ad for almost any cleaning or household product could be as follows: Funny or Ironic Photo + Tiny Product placed on very bottom of page = great ad? I don't think so. Please don't overuse this one... It has been used successfully in many ads, but has become a lame cop out for good ad design. Cheers!

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Simply Great. congratulations!!!!

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E X E L E N T E! ! ! ! ! ! me encantó!

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E X E L E N T E! ! me encantó!

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agreed, very nice concept, very POOR execution !

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can't remember where or who, but the execution was the same but with people deformed by a pool.

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Yeah, it's been done by JWT Greenland in 1971, but the women were little older, and there was no man in the campaign.

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yeah agree there's many similar campaign
there's this campaign about a woman sticking a photo on her cloth, which the photo contains a delicate necklace, so it looked like she is wearing a necklace

still a very good campaign though:D

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Emran Hayat
Activity Score 832

idea was nice.. but v.bad execution/bad photoshop... 7/10 for idea... 2/10 for execution

Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm

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Que malo ese photoshop!!!

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malissimo photoshop!

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Chapulin Colorado
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A poor execution of a great idea

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anyway like it !! 7/10


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Sarpado, muy bueno!!

Buen concepto, bien trabajado, nueva manera de comunicarlo, perfectamente ejecutado. Envidia es lo único que tengo para decir.

Felicitaciones al equipo creativo.

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JAJAJAJA!! Nothing to do with it. The Magistral ad is very good and this one is awful!!

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The execution is not bad at all, you're just looking at it like they have changed the shape of her face but you're missing the point here ! I like the idea and the visuals.

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this is one of the see thru and clear concept.
Simple and touching
i'll give 7

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I didnt like it at all. It makes me sick.

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