Maggi: Crane house

With a soup, you're always at home.

Advertising Agency: Publicitas/Publicis S&S, Ecuador
Creative Director: Mariano Ponzano
Art Directors: José Iturralde, Mariano Ponzano
Account Director: José Gabela

March, 2011


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I love the concept.

Ron Burgundy's picture
Ron Burgundy
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I like the idea, art direction seems dark for such a warm idea

Itumeleng _obsessive re-thinker's picture
Itumeleng _obse...
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Yep i totaly agree.... copy is also enticing nontheless

atb2005's picture
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The dark background or "art direction' makes the logo, text, and soup plate stand out.. Perfect, as it is.

bakamono's picture
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On a dark gloomy day all you really want is some warm soup for your soul. That is the reason they went for dark instead of a happy rainbows and unicorns day.

because therefore it is

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Ron Burgundy
1634 pencils

I see your point :)

IDK, Im just not feelin everything dark...maybe a light on in the house so I know he/she is enjoying it.

cool campaign though.

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I like the idea. I don't like the parchment paper background though. It don't seem relevant or connected to anything.

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I'm confused as to why people like these.

The two lines of copy contradict each other. Headline says soup can make anywhere home, tagline says "true magic" only happens at the real home.

If there was ever an idea here, it was lost in the process. These ads would work for some sort of soup-on-the-go...but as it is now, it's just an ad for the soup category, and an inane one at that.

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You make soup on your home and then you take it to your job...

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There is nothing lost, HappyHour. Everything makes sense. I like your avatar. Very cute.. haha

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What's Maggi's USP here?

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I like the idea of a soup making you feel at home and how it was executed, but the art isn't that nice.
As for the selling line, I suppose they are stuck with it from some global guideline.

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Apart from the lines contradicting each other these are good. The insight is spot on.

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Yeah not sure why they thought that parchment paper background was the way to go here. I like the line "With a soup, you're always at home." Home can be anywhere, your home now or maybe when you were a kid. I agree that the yellow tag slogan is out of place.

Learning something new everyday ;P

because therefore it is

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Good idea, Bad art, Ugly ground

wildbore's picture
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effective & nice!

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Creating a literal visual for 'anywhere at home' is not the cleverest idea for Maggi. I agree to the comments above on the gloomy atmosphere. A brand like maggi should not associate itself with such gloom. Its not overcast, its gloom.


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great idea and great print!

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I don't mine the dark/overcast look. There's nothing better than having a flask of soup to warm you up on a cold,rainy winters day.

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weak as hell

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good concept and great execution. i like it

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nice work

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I like the idea, good job, but the art direction is poor.


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cool. i like it

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