Maestro Limpio: Reflection, 3

Let's keep our home clean.

Advertising Agency: Grey, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Executive Creative Directors: Pablo Gil, Sebastián Garín
Creative Directors: Alexis Álvarez
Art Director: Diego Fernández Brun
Copywriters: Alexis Álvarez, Hernán Kritzer
Head of Art: Cecilia Ognio

February 2008


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great idea!

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not that brilliant. this ad is only for one purpose, not to sell but to win in festivals.
and for real, would u really put this ad in a newspaper or a mag? seriously. i dont think so.
this kind of shit, is making the ad industry less creative and less serious to the world.

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weak critisism. of course this wouldn't run in a newspaper but that's more because of the paper quality than anything else. the right magazine could take it, as could a billboard. you're either a very junior creative or someone who's scared of the lack of a huge "20% off" tag, which is a tactic that only destroys the market anyway.

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i agree that is a weak critic. but, come one, is this ad brilliant as they say it is? this kind of jobs are done for real junior art-directors. the concept is too damm simple, too simple that u can't make a brand image or comunicate with the same concept for more than 1 semester. and i showed it to many people of the target, and they didnt get it at all. come on. i live in argentina, and the ad comunity of here, knows that grey just survives because they do this kind of shit, just to be in festivals and make clients happy cuz they can at least bring a bronce per year.

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I didn't make it out to be brilliant and the clear-cut benefit is in deed something that rarely happens outside of dream-client territory. but to take an informal focus group and pass judgement on it based on that is terrible. you should trust your own judgement. it's perfectly okay that you don't like it but what counts for a junior book is whether the creative is able to execute a direct and lateral concept out of a solid idea. that has been achieved here.

as far as awards go - I doubt that was the idea here. it's a good ad but not one that will win tons of awards. for that it would have to be the first. I also don't see why wanting to win anything would be a terrible thing in the first place. that is simply how creatives advance their careers. we are not being paid more just because the client sells more and if that were the main goal, the compensation model would have to be adjusted for us.

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Ufff!!...really nice, smart and real!

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"Let's keep our home clean." oh really, feels like we are missing an american flag, Bush, and a couple of dead terrorist... :)))))))


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m í t i c o
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Viva Honduras !!!

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Me encata!

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nice thought. but not a campaign by any stretch of the imagination.

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Muy bueno gente.

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nice, but slanted copy does'nt work, it even seems like it's done electronically.

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Doesn't need three executions. One is enough.

Add insult to injury then burn the candle at both ends.

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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absolutly love it!!!!
and i guess its a winner campaign too.

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very, very good !!!

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