When she was eighteen she left her work in Burger King and with only 30 dollars she traveled to New York. When she returned to visit her old neighborhood, she carried a few more dollars and bodyguards.

Advertising Agency: Seis Grados, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Art Director: Damián Palopoli
Copywriter: Paola López Cross
Other additional credits: Alejandro Rabe

November 2007


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andrej dwin
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what is it telling me about the paper?
seriously now. what is this trying to tell me about the brand?
*the best skate/snow/surfing videos and pictures.
*updated daily!

AdArena: Sex Sells

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Maybe wrong strat

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All layouts are awesome.


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way too forced, now lets make a map with peoples faces on them and i dont understand the connection either...

charlyann's picture
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Good art.

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good art but nobody read.

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i said that one and gandhi were "ok" (not great) but i've changed my mind.
i think they're very weak. actually i hate them.
i didn't see madonna at first, i confess. now that i saw her it's even worse. same as the che one, you just put her face there, man!!!!!!!

this art direction sucks, i'm sorry. poor copywriter, 'cause apparently the concept started well (maybe), but at minute 7 it got completely lost ... even with the maps stuff, hehehe.

the concept was left agonizing to die, and you put it in an ad anyway...
work harder, guys, work harder...

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Creo que la historia de Madonna no tiene nada que ver con el concepto manejado, el Che y Ghandi si.
Aparte de esto el concepto me gusta y el arte es correcto. El de Gandhi es el mejor logrado.

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