MADD: Road, 2

One drink can change your entire outlook.

Advertising Agency: Marked for Trade, Charlotte, USA
Art Director: Phil Jones
Copywriter: Ryan Coleman
Photographer: Jeff McCullough

November, 2008


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Seriously? The agency submitted those?
That´s why festival organizers like Cannes get filthy rich, agencies and creatives do not have a good judging when it comes to their own work. They think that the awards are like lotto, think that just by submitting they stand a chance to win...

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And a lot of the times award shows are just that - a lottery. Some of the print winners at Cannes this year are testament to that.

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Agree. There is luck involved in winning

Festivals are not always good at judging and to win in Cannes you need some luck too.

My point was that this campaign like 85% of what people send to Cannes was no chance, either because it is an easy idea, like the first idea, also because it has been done before or even because other people made better campaigns last year with the same subject, like the one that is pretty similar to this one, but has an idea, the one where the first sign says S the second says ST the 3rd STO and the fourth STOP, representing the lack of reflexes on the driver.

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simple, but clever... in my view.

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Javier Ramírez
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Mmm...nada nuevo, tomas, no puedes ver bien...

Chief Creative Director Nexus BBDO

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its nice one, but i think its an OLD idea

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