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Audrius Kubrik
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I do get the feeling of energy... but I'd rather use the word "adrenalin".

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I agree. These situations would create adrenaline, and that is not quite the same concept as the energy you get from an energy drink. I think the concept is close though. Perhaps a little working of the words in the copy could clear things up a bit and really make a strong impact.

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guys, adrenaline bring us up, is a power up drug, take a injection of adrenaline and you will feel the energy.
i think that ball will kill the old man, hehehe... isnt clear enough that the ball will just scare the old man passing near him, what, in fact, release adrenaline/power in large scale (without kill) as the product proposes. that was the intention here, dont? i hope so.
and copy... dont need this 'almost...' line, maybe changing the 'all power you need' line could power up the ad.

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Umm, i dont like the art. Interesting aproach but the campaign it not good.

Jonathan Betancur

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I think the creative team needs Mad-Croc more than anyone else, haha

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