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I don't get it. Help please!

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they made illustrations of people that looks like birds.

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aaaaand...? If this is to say that this is the type of snobby bird nosh that you only serve to upper class birds, then I get it but is there any reason why the 'birds' generally look sad and disgruntled. Or did the help just attempt to serve a couple of snooty so and so's with bird food based on their features? Hence their expressions...Wait... I think just got it. Good job on the visuals.

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andrej dwin
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guess it's more in the direction of "hey, look what a wicked illustration we can think of and actually have someone make!"

I personally like it. despite the unclear message.

AdArena: Sex Sells

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Agree with you, gluebrand.
Does somebody knows if that Peter Fendrick has a website or an online portfolio? This guy is definitely great!

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I think the idea here is this bird food is so luxurious it makes your birds feel like royalty?

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>> they made illustrations of people that looks like birds.

That is wrong. The took illustrations which are 5 or 6 Years
old and placed the Product under it.

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I am very, I mean, very curious if these images are bought from one guy I reckon from cgtalk.com, which is kinda fameous for these images, especially for this old lady one.

I'm not suggesting anything, I'm just curious. Otherwise, I don't like idea here, bit too lazy.

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Pacific Blue
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Of course are bought.
If you open both images, the 2003 original and the 2007 as, you'll see smoth changes: the image of Lady Bird is Brighter and some of her wrinkles dissaperared.
Who do you think did this?

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Illustrations are insane. My Respect to those guys.

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same reflection in the eyes. some room's photo...

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Maybe is a HDRI sphere used for illumination.

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