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Nice Idea. Execution is a bit so-so. Should have had the silhouette completely in black like the iPod dancers and maybe kept the white lines from the earphones to prompt immediate identification with the iPod ads. Still, very nice idea.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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I thought having those white earphone lines (and the iPod itself) in the layout might help make the ad a little quicker, too. But then I realized that'll defeat the whole purpose of this ad. It is, after all, a repair service ad...

And if you look closely, those silhouetted dancers aren't completely flat 2D images (at least in the more recent executions.) There are very subtle white highlights in them making them appear harshly backlit live dancers.

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JPL is right, if you look at the iPod ads, they're not completely black. This startd with the U2 and Eminem ipod ads. I should know, i used to work for Apple and had to watch those ads 1000 times a day.

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Thanks for the heads up guys. I'd never noticed that they weren't all black.

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check his right knee...

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i wish i am smart enough to understand, but i don't.....help me please.

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There is a whole campaign for Apple iPods with siluettes dancing on colored backgrounds.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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okie, thanks for the remind :). i remember it.
and so this is dancing nonstop until get injured? weird then....

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Nicely done

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ivan dont you think that this ad has a bit of a negative influence? in terms of making people feel or think that iPods are.... ( harmful)? this is just a thought that came to my mind...

| Everartz |

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Yes, some people might think that. Dancing is a dangerous activity for sure. :)

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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I quite like it, nice, simple and keeping with the style.

It's only an ad.

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chintan ruparel
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hehehe, very nice indeed!

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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i like it. simply and nice.

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Simple y bonita, concuerdo

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Usually, I don't comment too often. but this ad really deserve it.
First of all, iPod silhouette are not 100% black pictures, they do have some grayscale
Second, it does not need the white cables because you it's quite clear it's an ipod or mac ad, and the cable will be akward or forced.

good job

I think I know the guy in the picture, looks kind of familiar.

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No fixed abode
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Feels a bit too land miney to me.

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too serious for mac.

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Hernán, por casualidad el aviso no es tuyo?

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no, aunque me gustaria porque esta bueno.

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