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Activity Score 2219

naaice naaice...


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tamer samy
Activity Score 681

I love this campaign..

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Activity Score 1108

I love the visual concept
I love body concept
...But only 7 stars, due to the difference between them ;-)

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Activity Score 323

all this campaign is not appealing !

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Activity Score 4225

The wine and the pasta executions work well, or would if this is a travel agency. Their website looks like a food outlet. So this is all about importing food? Anyone know, or can translate their site?

Maybe I'm being greedy here, but it would be *really* helpful for submitters to actually include some info about their client, instead of posting pretty pictures and expecting us to be detectives.

Anyway, the cheese execution spoils it. Makes me think I'm a mouse.

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Activity Score 1066

it is a high quality delivery service and a catering service...
i also thought of a travel agency in the first place...

oh it's a supermarket aswell

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Activity Score 2219

naaice naaice...


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Activity Score 1423

That didn't look like a stairway right away. I thought I was looking at something else.

"Nihil sub sole novum"