Lynx (Axe): Snow angel street

Be prepared this festive season.

The brief was to make sure young guys didn't leave the house without their portable Lynx Bullet, because you never know when romance might strike.

Advertising Agency: BBH, London, UK
Creative Director:Dominic Goldman
Art Director: Adam Thompson
Copywriter: Dan Glover-James
Photographer: Julian Wolkenstein
Agency producer: Jeremy Gleeson


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this one isn't as clear as the street one


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Sorry I did not get, Can anyone explain me please?

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get yourself a girlfriend
or maybe an AXE

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There are sexual relation marks in the snow.

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did he killed the girl and locked her in that thing ? cause there's only one footsteps path.
the concept is well understandable tough.

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i recall a campaign similar to this, except it used sand as the device. anyone?

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I think this is a completely absurd idea...

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dont get it...

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hehe.Dirty as hell. I'd give this a try. LOL

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This one is the best in this series, this holds more intrigue factor. other two ads are so obvious.

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Done 3 years ago! For some other american deodorant. The tracks meet up in the snow and make a snow angel then walk off together. YAWN

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nice. very clever... :D racked from behind.. sweet!

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Is it snowing in London?


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Two cents is that the execution of this ad is pretty much shit. And the layout is really leaving a ton of white space for no reason. If you're going to show a close up atleast show the close up with the hand looking larger and in perspective with the product larger and in perspective. But that's just the photography. Concept wise it's fine, I think it would have been nice to leave something behind like ass marks in the snow on the can itself. But overall not bad.

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Its a pepper spray to avoid violations?????

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Esta bueno

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great, very subtle and nice

had i not seen the other 2, probably I could not have figure it out so easily

best of the bunch


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This feels as if a rape occurred here.

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