Lung Cancer Alliance: Tattooed

The tattooed deserve to die
If they have lung cancer. Many people believe that if you have lung cancer you did something to deserve it. It sounds absurd, but it's true. Lung cancer doesn't discriminate and neither should you. Help put an end to the stigma and the disease at

Advertising Agency: Laughlin Constable, Chicago, USA


certaintly's picture
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ugh, no.

so overplayed

Mongoose's picture
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no no no no!!!

Make the logo Bigger and the black, Darker!

metacoma's picture
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we've seen that 100 times already.

NicoCiego's picture
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This print ads cause a lot of stir in the web lately, I think it kinda serve its purpose.
But still, they look a little shitty for me. sorry.

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I love the concept, but a couple less ads would have been better.

arturodorado's picture
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I think what they say ( many people think that people with cancer did something to deserve it) isn't true and it's a bit exagerated. But The headlines are good and really catch your eye.

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