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Darrin Stephens
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I don't care for this approach at all. It strikes me as a bad position to put yourself in as a retailer. Why as a customer would I want to be reminded that because I live, others will die? This is sick.

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sick creatives..


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Jet Propulsion Lab
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sick, SICK bastards..

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restrictions do apply in advertising sometimes.

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this is as tasteless as the lego campaign done by the fired team from china.

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Fuck off poor John? So your cause is so superior that can decide who lives and who dies?? It´s so arrogant, it´s so mistaken!

This is a good example of how advertising can destroy a good initiative.

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I really like this. But you have to think about from the side of who drives a bike, notfrom who needs a donor. They sure were creative, but also arrogant.
In God I trust

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Great work, love the ads.

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