Lugares Newspaper: Che Guevara

After he crossed Latin America, he stayed in Mexico where he got married and had a daughter. One night of July, her wife introduced him a guy called Fidel. So, he had to go, he had already made plans.

Advertising Agency: Seis Grados, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Art Director: Damián Palopoli
Copywriter: Paola López Cross
Other additional credits: Alejandro Rabe
Published: November 2007


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juan sasiaín
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está bueno!

juan sasiaín
Bs As Argentina

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the other two are ok (not GREAT, just ok), but this one is waaaaay forced...
man, you just drew the che's face (yeah, again, che guevara...) on the map!!!! so????

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Agree with M, M & I.
Che. Que?

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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fala fulani
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Whats with the broken English? Or is it a direct translation

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ditto. irene. whats the story?

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super calibara
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Good job, good concept.

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soo lame....bad writing...and i agree, leave Che for bad t-shirts printed in Taiwan.

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Agree with almost all the comments.

Gandhi is the best one. Madonna is ok. I hate thisone: you just draw the face.

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Reads like a biography not an ad

Art direction is fred flinstoned -- terrible.

Why is it anytime a latin country does anything its heralded as brilliant?

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