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hmm..dude...wait till the 27th...may be you would be the lucky one. :-O

satan's picture
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The chick, if it grows up and end spiced up on my plate.


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loved it. wish u u luck

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Wait and see till 27th


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Enough of these PETA maniacs already! Yeah, let's all turn vegans and eat boiled roots, avoid animal
proteins and embrace subnutrition 'cause the chicks must populate the earth. If you're a 12 year old
girl you may find it pertinent. Lame.

drunk dave's picture
drunk dave
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You are a moron. It's hard to be a vegetarian, which I'm not, but the message not to eat meat is very pertinent, and if you've ever been to a slaughter house or chicken farm, you'd think twice. And the less meat we eat the more we save the planet.
So maybe it's a very important message they have to say, that said, this ad 'aint gonna change perceptions 'cos it's just not strong enough. Sorry. Start again.

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well, Dave, here's why people like you should join PETA. Would advise you to watch an inconvenient truth
and then pontificate about saving the planet. By the way... I am a vegetarian.

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drunk dave
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Point taken. And I'd never join any extreme organisation, but they have the right to advertise, even if you disagree.

Arisca's picture
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I admit it was an outburst and of course they have the right. Businesswise, agreed, it just isn't strong enough.

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drunk dave
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Too f'ing right. Word up diggy dog. Back to the bar for a late nighter, have one on me.

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oh oh oh... splash! oh sorry!
very nice!

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Interesting, but PETA is CRAZY.... CRAZY!!

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gud 1, not a vegetarian but still like it now its on us how much strong ad we need to turn ourselves certainly i m not changing by viewing it wonder m i hard hearted

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I like this advertisement. It asks a question, which makes the reader/viewer look around for the answer/to see if they are right. They get the answer, but then may be compelled to find out why, because it seems like the wrong answer. Possibly head to the internet to check it out.

Advertisement has worked.

The audience may have learned something, which is the point of the ad. If they stop eating eggs, great. But I think it's more about getting people to think and learn about the issue they are trying to bring awareness to.

The simplicity is great and the cute little chick is eye catching.

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