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The concept has potential... burn the art directors...


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Neil Levy
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dude, "burn the art directors"? c'mon. that sounds beyond stupid.

it's just an ad. give them a break. they did the best they could or they wouldn't have sent it in. so it didn't make you happy or live up to your standards. big deal. help them reach your level of greatness by not throwing rocks down onto them as they try to climb mt. advertising.

burn the art directors....not smart.

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Are you here to critic comments? cuz thats all you do in yours... focus. That's my opinion and the way I am, do you really think anybody is going to do what you say? hmmm... I think not.


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OK. I think you can make these better by letting the audience figure them out. No need to repeat Garfield and especially Tom. But figure out a better way to make the audience get it. Then use the tagline to bring home the idea. Totally different thought. This is for an animal shelter right? If not disregard everything. I just don't get it.

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mmmm im not sure about the art the art direction, could make it better... the concept its excelent!

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cutsie. Hot concept. Maybe just some nail pulling. One or two at most. he


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