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modern drunker
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rotten idea, disgusting photoshop,
Bravo guys !

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Do they teach *anything* about international marketing where you go to school? Honestly, I'm curious about that.

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calm down lol, they paid a teenager 50 bucks who just downloaded photoshop...

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It's a serious question, because from most of the superficial comments around here, you'd think the advertising world ends and begins on Madison Avenue, everyone should speak perfect English, and no one should ever give a crap about another country's culture when designing something for its audience.

Anybody can put together a pretty picture, even the fanboys around here. But to create something that will speak to the people reading it is whole different art form. These oh so easily dismissed ads are actually pretty good *when you consider who they're supposed to reach*.

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well said SeanMartin

Ad is more of messages than cosmetics.


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I second that. Advertising is ultimately about the idea, sorry you bitter, angry AD's.

Tweet tweet: @ThisAbility

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lol, thats true

hmm, how else would u do it ?


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They wanna people to give their attention to those wandering pets. Coz every year, there are thousands of pet died in China because their masters abandon them after getting bored.

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"Love it like loving your family" Nice, go China...

Bath yourself in gold-dust then i'll believe you're filthy rich.

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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Dear Ran Gao & Tony Li. Excuse me, but these ads are horrible. Your photoshop skills are... non-existent.
But I hope it's an error. Maybe You sent the first drafts... Not the finished ads...
I Don't know... I'm confused...

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didn't i see this in a mentos ad 10 years ago?

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Neil Levy
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dear creatives, don't listen to anyone who writes mean comments and doesn't use their real name. they're just being assholes. and anyone who gets a thrill out of putting people down without helping them back up isn't worth shit.

my two cents are maybe the cat looks a little fancy to be a stray. i think the idea is good though. are they for an animal shelter? i assumed so but it's not totally clear.

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Hey I can't really tell if these ads are really bad or just not so good? I lean towards the latter. There is a hint of an idea in there. But I think there's more to be said about the skills in trying to figure out what people were thinking. This can become an art form in itself.

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It's a clever idea. Still needs some design edits, but it's on the road to be finished.

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Ha ha haa ha ha ha haaaaa ha haaaa ha ha ha ha haaa haa ha ha, oh shit this is funny.

My favourite bit is the little bit of unfinished airbrushing in the right corner and the eyes are a lovely touch, classic. Thanks for the tears guys.

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Eesh! bad!

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creative juice is melting...

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Here's a new headline: 'my name is Stef, I'm really disgusted by this, please take it away'

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modern drunker
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commiseration is the worst insult,
To life teachers :
here is are shown of campaing published, it is not the annex of a school of communication in order to ameliorate pictures, concept...
It's a bad ad, the next will be better,
It's not difficult to imagine !!!

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the art director must be fired, he killed a nice idea.

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haha take cats home... don't eat them!

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You don't know anything.
The view to Chinese is stupid.
No one in China eats cats, except the suck man.
The west media brainwashes you succeed,hmmm.

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no comment.


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