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Art direction killed the concept... sad..

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Jon-Paul Mountford
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Who the hell is Doraemon? I get tom and jerry even garfield
What are these ads about, Is it a cultural thing, do i need to learn chinese.


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The ad sucks. But if there is a reference you don't get, don't assume right away that it's not popular because it will only make you look stupid (Doraemon is as popular as Mickey Mouse in Asia). The only way to make yourself look stupider is to compare anything Asia related to China, which you did, which is racist.

Doraemon is the most famous of all Japanese animation. Anyway, next time attack the concept and composition, not the culture... or not, your choice.

--good idea is enemy of great idea

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Whoa! Overreacting a bit, eh?

How would he know Doraemon is not Chinese?

The ad is from a Chinese agency.

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No I am not. The person was intentionally racist. There's no Chinese language in the ad and the person asked whether or not he needs to learn Chinese to understand it.

--good idea is enemy of great idea

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Doraemon is a famous character in asia

The poster is bad&queer,i don't want to takt that cat~

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Every year, there are thousands of pet died in China because their masters abandon them after getting bored. I think these ads must be related to this phenomenon. Those abandoned cats disguise themselves with cartoon images to get people’s attention in order to find a new home. So humour idea, I like it!

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Now that someone's actually explained it well rather than throwing out the race card, I like it. =)

Tweet tweet: @ThisAbility

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photoshop didn't quite make it but I do like the thinking

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yes. I agree. Art direction kills concept.

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which concept?

(miguelandréscortés / Graphic Creative / Y&R)

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Dalbir Singh
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Like the agency name: Ice Cream Communications :-p


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Il like the art direction on this one. The tom & jerry one needs some photoshopping, and the Garfield one needs a lot of better photoshopping. This one is the best though. If you don't know who Doraemon is, you should just google it before commenting.

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good Performance

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There's a lot to like in this series, not the least of which is the poignancy, particularly in this one (and yeah, guys, if you dont know who Doraemon is, dont bother with the stupid comments -- nor is taking infantile pot shots at the agency name really working in your favour). The art direction has some wonderfully subtle touches, and the consistency of style across the campaign insures people will remember it. No, it's not Gold material, but I dont think that was their goal when they developed the series. For a market in a culture that's obsessed with the visually strange and unusual, I'd bet this was well received.

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i think it works.
works for me as a person who knows doraemon

but i still think the art is "lazy"


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Advertising in Siberia via www.Market-Studio.com

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