Luciano Carvari: Flora Amore, 2

Advertising Agency / Production: Кинограф, Russia
Art Directors: В. Кокошко
Creatives: Л. Лылык, К. Черных, Д. Марусов, А. Кравцов
Photography: Ю. Балан

March 2008


Citizen13's picture
478 pencils

Was it necessary to show the nipple? Very cheap.

"Assume nothing, question everything."

brain123's picture
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No it wasn't, but we're all thankful!!

jazarah's picture
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if the ad doesn't make much sense, let's enjoy some nipples dude!

Get-a-Fix's picture
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Hahaha...very true Citizen 13. Actually then why not strip her a bit more to sell your stuff? I mean, you'll surely have people stopping and staring at your ads. At the product...well, not too sure 'bout that. But will definately do the job. Fashion photography, is fine art, my friends. The line between great stuff and pretentious work it seems, is wafer thin!

So do we have a winner here? I think not. The whole campaign reeks of "Wannabe" material. And we will pretend we never have heard of the word "Concept"

Saying all that, I admire the "tit"illating chiks here :)

NomadDCLXVI's picture
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only thing I can say about all those prints is - nice wallpapers with neat usage of color links. Actually quite common for fashion advertising - no deeper though stuff. But may be people just want to see some wannabe - hot, sexy, cool, tough, desired .. and so on stuff.
To make long story short - these prints could be much better if there would be some deeper stories - at least as in that one with red boots and watermelon.



kusseejner's picture
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Sorry, I just fell asleep there...

ernesto p's picture
ernesto p
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una teta!!!

ricky.vinluan's picture
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Come on guys, dont make serious on all ADS, to attrack your attention that make sense.

blueboyproject's picture
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please, dont comment!!
just enjoy it !

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