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Bit of a cliché, no? It's obvious enough without the ANAL-lube.

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anakin acevedo
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Ha ha ha!

Excelent! Very clever campaign and this is the best example out of the three. That guy won't be able to sit down for a whole month! Ha ha ha! Also, too bad for the retoucher that had to tatoo that guy's hairy ass! Ha ha ha! Priceless!

But now, seriously... 10/10. Excelent work.

PS: What is the name of the typography you used for the text "ALWAYS LOOK YOUR BEST" I think it's killer!

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You kidding, not? :)

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That typography is a killer... I killed this already dying ad!

Culture In Ads: www.culturaltheology.org

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Thanks. Seems you and I are the only ones that like theese ads. I'm not sure what conclusions to draw from that, but it's hilarious to read all the "constructive" criticism.
The font is called Misproject. You can find it att dafont.com.

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adam beu

I think you can find that font for free on fontsthatsuck.com

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Anakin Acevedo. You would have to be a suit right? Because only a suit would think that this turd was a 10/10!

There's just not enough polish out there to make this thing shine.

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