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These are fantastic. I've seen them around before and still I read through the whole copy again and again.

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the return of the copy

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Yeah BAM! very nice

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Patrick Vermeylen


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wow, fun to read. something few ad writers accomplish.

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I really, really, really wish I had written these ads.

Talking about letting press speak for itself...

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I dont remember if these won at Cannes or Epica, but for sure they're lovely, so well written... make me envy.

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instinctive tra...
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does that really-really matter? the cannes or the epica? http://upthechimney.blogspot.com

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copywriters rulez!!!!

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these ads stand out from the crowd. i prefer this of the two tho..

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we didn't have lions like this this year, uh?

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Where´s the rest of the campaigne?? :(

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Mr Hughes
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You can download the whole campaign here: http://www.chemistry.ie/index_nni.html

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Mr Hughes
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Love these!

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This is nice and smart, the copy carries you till the end of the ad, i believe in simplicity - and that is beauty. Cheers

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Silver Surfer
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Totally disagree. Once you start reading, you know where it's going and it's all filler. What's the point? The power of press? You just filled a space with copy that has nothing to say. It's not funny, not powerful, just okay. I have to give it credit for being all copy with minimal art direction when the trend is all about being visual.

Simple? yes. Powerful? Not quite.

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silver surfer

Totally agree, from the professional's point of view, i have used unappropriate choice of words here. anyway, i like this ad in my own simple thoughts, im talking about simplicity here, there is no need to elaborate about that, powerful? who say's its powerful, the ad is smart enough to catch attention. minimalism is not bad, that's where beauty come from.

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x-celent campaign!

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