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so bad!
Where are Leo Burnett to save Portugal?

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good idea! nice ad!
go Portugal!!

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I like this idea. very powerful. nicely executed.

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Persia Princess
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Very good ad. Let's fight for animals.

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very touching. I like the idea, it was carried out very well.

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I like the premise behind the concept, but I find repetitive the visual and the headline saying that animals are not clowns. You get that already from the visual. To say that again in the headlines it's like having to explain a joke that is not easy to get.

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i definitely agree with the "see say" thing...needed a twist of some sort or maybe a more straightforward headline to balance the imagery.

love the body copy, too. very powerful stuff.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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You took the words right out of my mouth...

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very hypocritical... unless the clown make-up was actually photoshopped onto the picture.

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AMAZING! an emotional and beautiful ad!

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disturbing, so effective.

--good idea is enemy of great idea

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Let's see, how can I make people not read my ad? I know, lots of small type knocked out of a multicolored background.

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