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i was looking for a funny twist but i guess there isn't any.
btw, mr. admin: it's löwenbräu (not that it really matters..)

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Agree yawn. Maybe if there was heaps of glasses & they were stacked up on each other it would give me the sense that they might be drunk,
but 1 beer isn't going to f$#@ you up!

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Yes, if they appeared very, very, very drunk somehow it would be a lot funnier. Good idea though, using pilots.

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what horrible photoshop.

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Bad Monkey
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Please elaborate.

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Charlie Pratt
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I know we all perceive things differently, which is the beauty of (and the trouble with) advertising, but I think this falls into the ol' What's-The-Message-Here? category.

Pilots that need a beer so bad they keep one handy (albeit non-alcoholic) in the operating room? This would be just as ridiculous if it were a glass of chocolate milk or Kool-Aid.

Perhaps they are just trying to elicit a simple laugh. For that, well done. However, if this was an attempt to actually sell a possible customer on the brand of beer, I think it misses the mark.



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Bad Monkey
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How can it possibly miss the mark?

It's non alcoholic beer, safe enough to drink for even airline pilots. Selling point 1/2: Safe.

In addition, it's supposed to be so tasty that the pilots would rather have said non alcoholic beer than a glass of chocolate milk or Kool-Aid. Selling point 2/2: Tasty.

Summary: A delicious beer that's safe to drink for everyone.

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i like it.
I think they should show more glasses...
maybe them "cheers"ing


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SFX: Crickets.

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I'm looking at it expecting something funny or witty to pop out at me...

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