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whats this campaign saying? or just teasing people?

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it's appealing to make a journey.....a travel........anything.....

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The man in the car is Michail Gorbachiov- the ex president of Soviet Union, and he's driving near Berlin Wall. Lots of nostalgy in this print. I like it

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Charlie Pratt
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I love the shot of Gorbachev, but I hate, hate, hate that he's in an ad for Louis Vitton bags. Stupid. A powerful man, reduced to this. I suppose he was a capitalist at heart, after all.

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I saw this in a magazine and thought the same thing. To make some sort of connection between a superficial, overpriced piece of luggage and a key historic figure is ridiculous. It doesn't elevate the brand, it just makes a mockery of the man.

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this ad is for louis vuitton luggage and it makes no sense

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For a second, I was like "Damn. Beautiful photography"

Then I realized it was Annie Leibovitz's work. Beautiful=default.

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Isn't there some message about Russian spies dying or being tortured in this ad? I thought I read somewhere that the magazine in the bag kind of leaks some conspiracy theory. But yea, does Gorby just need some money? And did LV bags look like that in the late 80's and early 90's when the Berlin Wall was still up?

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