Lotte Yoga School: Geert Wilders

Advertising Agency: KesselsKramer, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Creatives: Niek Eijsbouts, Gijs Van Den Berg, Christian Bunyan


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The connection is very hard to make.

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His feet make it seem like he has a vagina.

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The connection isn't that hard for people from the Netherlands. He is an islamophobic politician who isn't very nice to .. islamic people.
The concept of the ad is that even he deserves yoga, that he would benefit from it (by becoming a nicer person) and so could the targetgroep.
I don't think the target group will relate to Geert Wilders, but it's always funny to ridicule a public figure.

Irrelevant how? The person is known to the target group.

I think the will get noticed and will put a smile on most people. But it won't change minds and get people to do yoga. Unless they were already going to try it. Those people might remember the option for the 5 euro trail because of the funny ad.

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