Loto: Secret

The secret of attraction.
Loto. Fulfilling what advertising has always promised.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Santiago, Chile
Creative Directors: Matias Lecaros
Art Directors / Copywriters: Matias Lecaros, Tomás Neely
Illustrator: Abel

October 2007


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after viewing all 4 versions, I now really, really get it. But don't like it cos it's sort of twist and turns.
For those of you who are, well, still in the dark so to speak, I'd explain:

1) this is a retro style ad paying tribute to an era of false advertising/false promise
2) if you win big at Loto, you'd finally get what you promised for so many years
3) JWT must have want to demonstrate to other agencies that they are 'doing what advertising promise to do' as well, or at least hinting it...hence the 'inside joke'

For the average reader, there are so many layers that they will definitely flip through it and thought that this is actually an old ad doing the usual stuff.

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BURRRRN! take that advertising!!

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