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November 2008

Print advertisment created by Global Healthcare, Spain for Los Carrizos, within the category: Food.

Everything it touches turns to gold.

Advertising Agency: Global Healthcare, Madrid, Spain
Creative Director: Javier Rodríguez de Santiago
Art Directors: Cecilia Alvarez, Alberto Aguiño
Copywriter: Kiko Postigo

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Debasis Mata

Incredibly high-quality attempt. I like it. Overall it is extremely well visual.

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should be called Midas...

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Guest commenter

Cannes Grand Prix!!!!!!!!!

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El Guest


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Guest commenter

need to improve photoshoping where oil convert in gold(merging)

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Que fuman los que dan estos comentarios, o son amigos de los que hicieron el aviso!

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De hecho es más literal que la madre! Que pasa con esos comentarios.

Way too literal, The guys who are commenting... SHAME ON YOU! IT's crappy!

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Guest commenter

comele el nispero a tu progenitor

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Guest commenter

Seriously...who is leaving these comments? Maybe I'm missing something here but I'm pretty sure this ad isn't good.

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Hahahahahahahahahahah, o men yo really make me laugh


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Scam Detector
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This is really poor. The tomato doesn't turn into gold but the olive oil does. But that isn't what the headline says.

To save this campaign a simple headline/tag line like "pure gold" would have been enough. It would still be weak and definitely not award winning stuff.

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Good visual. The concept is usual although it's trying to be out of the crowd

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De estudiante de primer año. Increíble que suban estos trabajos a esta galería. Vergonzoso.

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boring... just boring

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Gold paint on my tomato... not appetizing at all.

I agree with Toro that the concept doesn't fit the image, but I would have gone with a gold tomato instead of this image.

Side note: most milk ads use thinned white paint, mustaches not withstanding.

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Jajajajaa creo que alguien no entendio el sarcasmo en los primeros comentarios...

CANNES!! Yeah!!! jajajajajaa

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no debería el tomate convertirse en oro?