Los Carrizos extra virgin olive oil: Lettuce

Everything it touches turns to gold.

Advertising Agency: Global Healthcare, Madrid, Spain
Creative Director: Javier Rodríguez de Santiago
Art Directors: Cecilia Alvarez, Alberto Aguiño
Copywriter: Kiko Postigo
Published: November 2008


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somehow it's nice, somehow it's disgusting. maybe the execution of the promise is too much 1:1

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extra virgin lead based paint... yum.

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Mary PopsIn

... and thus inedible? Midas

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Guest commenter

i prefer the tomatoe. the other ones are not appealing

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They ruined a perfectly decent idea with mediocre visuals. That tag on the left is too distracting. My biggest issue is the photography. The lighting is amateurish and the product (or lack of) is not appealing. Don't like Helvetica for this, should have kept it in the Bodoni family. The drizzle of oil looks like a string; could have added the rim of the bottle to at least imply the product. In other words, this wouldn't have gone past my desk.


I think, therefore... yeah.

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I like it, but i´m the copywriter so, i´m not very objetive...

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Well it's way too literal.

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I hate to say this but it's a cliche. Cliches do not make good advertising. Unless you give it a new twist. This is nothing new.

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I don't like... is cliche.

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it looks like the outside of the female reproduction system... if to say it in politically correct way.

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