Lorgan's The Retro Store: Living room

Lorgan's The Retro Store. Everything from the 60s. Well, almost.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Singapore
Creative Director: Eric Yeo
Art Director: Kat Tan
Copywriters: Serene Loong, Elwin Chan
Illustrators: Eric Foenander, Fedtrick Chua
Photographer: Kenneth Wong
Typographers: Kat Tan, Pok Ching Hai
Digital Imaging: Nelson Yu
Account Servicing: Shirley Tay
Published: April 2008


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I dont like this campaign, at all. Anyways I think the guys from de 60´s should look more hippies. Don´t you think?
Maybe the hair style is not the correct one.



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I know that sex sells but... cmon!... this is too much...

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Ok, I see why people are saying "NO" now.

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I think you can find other way to say that the 60´ people was hippies, and they fuck all day (is truth?).

Concept: I like
Art Direction: I like(the home, colours, design).
The way: NO WAY.

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Totally agree.

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If you're gonna use porno to sell homewares, why stop at cardboard cutouts? Might as well just get some actors and shoot it for real. Bit of porn never hurt anyone right?

But what would I tell my 6 year old niece if she, say, asked what the people in the ad were doing? I think there's a line when it comes to using sex to sell shit. This ad crosses that line.

This ad is lousy and crass.

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Idea is OK but as CreADtivE have said: NO WAY!

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Bit of porn never hurts anyone??? Well, not in SIngapore. You'll get whip on your arse for spraying graffitti or sticking your leftover chewing gum. How's that?

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This is rubbish. I like sex in ads - but seriously guys.... it's not like the Singaporean bar for good ads is set low either.

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oh no!!

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This idea has been taken from an artist called Von Brandis:


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I love the drapes and the carpet ... ONLY

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herzog sobanski

plagiarism !

twice ! von bradis took it from here.


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Guest commenter

charles cohen

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what the heck is this ad? get real!!

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